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zethembe trading

Hello member, Kindly be reminded to pay your orders on time to get the system running, thank you. #digitalcontent Together We Make Millionaires

Dear Member Please be advised that PH currency is in US Dollars $ not ZAR. the technical team is working on making it possible to PH and GH in other currencies and will update soon. Thank you Together We Make Millionaires

Good day Kindly check your PO regularly after you PH because you will be allocated any minute after you have PHed and please pay your PH allocations immediately to keep the system running and avoid being block. This system is for us, lets make it work for us. #digitalcontent Together we make millionaires

Dear digitalcontent members kindly Include Your Transfer Charges When Paying For Your Orders To Avoid Delay In Confirmation Of Your Payment By Other Members.Together We Change

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